Friday, September 17, 2010


Already I've failed in my New Year's resolution of writing more regularly, I feel so, so...let down. Let down by me, here's me trying to blog, tweet, FB, Linkin, Yammer, Ning and work all to promote my voice and thoughts, because it's all about me, there is no id, it's all ego baby!

In this world that is a constant 360 degree mirror reflecting it all back at you. Your soapbox has to be bigger than anyone else's, contribute to a Twitter campaign against the likes of Trafigura and you too can experience that messianic adrenaline buzz that journalist's and celebs feel when there voice is printed. That power is addictive and us bloggers and tweeters etc all believe that we've tapped into it, we're our own little Howard Beale's shouting out the window. That's it, don't f**k with us, we'll crucify you in social media. Taking down the man like an Austin pilot, but without the commitment.

Except it's all a lie, not a conspiracy lie like Joe Stack believed, but a lie of delusion to ourselves, because nobody really cares what you or I think, because we're essentially the web 2.0 version of "Annoyed in Tunbridge Wells", we're not in a revolution or an evolution, we're in a mevolution. Where the world simply revolves entirely around us each individually in moments of narcissistic joy and we believe we're so important our voices are heard by millions, now that's only going to happen when you construct a blog like this and then follow through. So on reflection and as Roy Castle always said "dedication is all you need", so I promise more dedication in the future.