Friday, October 23, 2009

BNP Rebranded?

This week saw a heated debate as to whether Nick Griffin of the BNP should be given a platform on the BBC’s Question Time last night, the outcome of the debate was fairly clear for all about how effectively he used the platform to promote his vision and manifesto and the other panellist’s did what should be relatively easy and pulled apart his thoughts and expose them for what they are, the protestations of a xenophobic mindset that individually has a low self opinion and thus needs mob rule to have a sense of identity and be part of something, a common recruitment policy for extremist groups of all colours and creeds. Anyway, I’m happy and support the decision of the BBC to give the platform for this debate, it is only through aired debate and confrontation that the BNP will be shown up for what it is, as demonstrated in this old episode of Re:Brand, whatever you think of Russell Brand, I will always admire him for his confrontation of the BNP mindset:

I also liked Cassetteboy's edited highlights of last night:

and the inevitable Downfall remix:

Griffin is now seeking to sue the BBC for alleged unfair treatment, maybe he could get Carter Ruck to represent him?

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